Fetching Column Items from DB and Creating Hyperlink in PHP

I was trying to write a script on php that will be something like the moving bar of the ‘news websites’ where headlines are available. I did it, and here it goes for making it available for those people who needs it in future around the globe 😀 (sounds its poor work to shout, isn’t? LOL I know!) 😉

Let, I have a database named “news” and I want to show the news headlines in a box of the website like under the header. now, I have a table named “table_news”. I need to show the titles (headlines) of the news in descending order. moreover, I want that that when I will link on it, I will go to that specific news. So, a hyper link is needed to set on that HEADLINE thing.

In my case, the ID is a column and unique, auto-incremented. and the link of the respective news is like site.com/postid=ID. So I need to fetch the ID from the db and to set the HEADLINE’s ID on the text of the moving bar.
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