Requirement Matrix

I had to do some documentation for developing a system. I was struggling of how to prepare a requirement matrix.
Here goes some links related to it:

The concept of Traceability Matrix is to be able to trace from top level requirements to implementation, and from top level requirements to test.

A traceability matrix is a table that traces a requirement to the tests that are needed to verify that the requirement is fulfilled. A good traceability matrix will provide backward and forward traceability I e a requirement can be traced to a test and a test to a requirements. The matrix links higher level requirements, design specifications, test requirements, and code files. It acts as a map, providing the links necessary for determining where information is located. This is also known as Requirements Traceability Matrix or RTM.
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Data warehousing

Just today, the thesis work of us has been passed a long way and the topic has been selected — “Data compression for large multidimensional data warehouses”
So, time to go with some documentations. I have googled through “data warehousing” and collected some things for my ease to make it easier. Would find out the zest out of these long long lines to very short “mahmudio” expressions about “data warehousing”… 😀

Here the collection goes:

Data warehousing is combining data from multiple and usually varied sources into one comprehensive and easily manipulated database. Common accessing systems of data warehousing include queries, analysis and reporting. Because data warehousing creates one database in the end, the number of sources can be anything you want it to be, provided that the system can handle the volume, of course. The final result, however, is homogeneous data, which can be more easily manipulated.
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