Weka as a Machine Learning Tool

‘Weka’ is generally used as a machine learning tool. Downloaded Weka from sourceforge  and installed it in our computer.

For a demo, we followed following steps:

  1. when the GUI of Weka was on the screen, clicked on Explorer and opened a new screen.
  2. Open File… C:\\Program Files –> Weka –> Data –> iris.arff
  3. now, if we click on ‘EDIT’ button, we can see the sample data
  4. if we click on ‘CLASSIFY‘ tab, we can find ‘ZeroR’ method is selected as Classifier
  5. if we click on ‘START‘, we will find result of the classifier and we can read it
  6. in ‘classifier’ option and click on it, we can see a tree option there. We chose Classifier–>Tree–>J48

searching on web, I found a good tutorial on the same topic in this website. you can to through this!

We learned about Training and Testing. We also learned about Classification and clustering. I found it so interesting.

We learned about  Precision and Recall.  There are True Positive, False Positive, True  Negative and False Negative things to learn. Wikipedia on this topic could help.

# Who are interested to learn more, Andrew Ng from Stanford University could help with the Coursera materials from Machine Learning Section. This is a strong reference.


[On 25 November, 2015 we had a wonderful class in Masters Program where we were introduced us with Weka]


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