PHP session lost after redirecting the page

I was inserting some data and was trying to show my success message using SESSION variables in PHP. my code segment of samplepage.php was like this:

    $txtKey= $_POST["txtKey"];
    //when submit button is add
        if($txtName<>"") //Permission Name can't be blank
            $query = "insert into Table(NAME, KEY) values('$txtName','$txtKey')" ;
            $st = oci_parse($conn, $query);                             
            $success = oci_execute($st,OCI_DEFAULT); // oci as db is oracle here
            if($success ==1)
            $_SESSION['MySuccessMsg'] = "Data Added Successfully!";
            header('Location: samplepage.php');

and below this segment I was catching the $_SESSION[‘MySuccessMsg’] in a div in top of my HTML body:

                if(isset($_SESSION['MySuccessMsg'])) // receiving SESSION message .
		{ $msg = $_SESSION['MySuccessMsg'];}				
                echo "<strong>".$msg1."</strong>";  } 
                unset($_SESSION['MySuccessMsg']); //unset session variable

so every time the page was redirected after $success==1 condition segment, I found no data in $msg.

Later I found a help and realized, it is of 2 cases:

1) make sure session_start() is at the top of the page.
2) use exit() right after where the page is redirected from.

so my new code segment of insert becomes:

     if($success ==1)
	$_SESSION['MySuccessMsg'] = "Data Added Successfully!";
	header('Location: permission.php');
	exit(); // this one is important to keep the session variable hold data even after re-direct	

NOTE: even if we redirect the page, it still executes the code till the end. therefore my session variable was being unset. so, EXIT() function works here not to unset the variable and code stops execution and moves to the redirected page immediately.

thanks to: stackoverflow


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